Airbnb For Cars; The New GoTo Self-Drive Electric Cars in Malta

A car sharing service is similar to Airbnb for cars. The difference is that a company owns and rents out the vehicles rather than private owners. GoTo Malta’s electric car sharing is worry free – the cars are new and insured and can be booked in seconds using the GoTo app.

GoTo Malta provides 150 electric cars all over the island and is the perfect alternative if you were looking for Airbnb for cars. It allows you to pick up a car anywhere, anytime, in a jiffy. It’s the perfect option if you like using shared vehicles.

Need a car to go up to see your friends during the weekend? Then look no further than GoTo.

We want to help save Malta and Gozo’s precious environment too, so we decided to go electric. GoTo’s concept is simple. Register to become a GoTo member, log onto the GoTo app and book an electric self-drive car.

We’ve also tailored our service to Malta’s fast-paced lifestyle. Just sign up, and you are good to go. Access GoTo cars anytime directly from the street with only a 15-minutes reservation. The service is not only limited to office hours, and there is no need to book a car in advance.

We have a fleet of 150 electric cars stationed around Malta and Gozo. Just in case you might have missed us, all our vehicles have a massive purple lightning bolt emblazoned on the side.

Once you find the car in its reserved spot – yep, we’ve got more than 450 reserved spots around Malta – all you have to do is use your app to book the vehicle, unlock it and off you zoom to your destination.

Once you get there, navigate to the closest GoTo parking spot. Prices are as cheap as €0.28 per minute when choosing a Standard Plan, and that includes battery charge (not petrol guys; we’re green, remember?), Valletta entrance CVA fees, insurance, parking and the whole hassle.

All you have to do is concentrate on getting from A to B. Car sharing has been around for decades in Europe, but as with most things, in Malta, we can be a bit slow on the uptake. Many Europeans are selling their cars because car sharing is just so cost-effective … Oh, and you won’t have to wash your car when the red-sand rain comes around every so often.

Jokes aside, if you got rid of your car, think how much you could save on insurance, road licence fees, maintenance and petrol.

So, next time you think about booking a taxi or planning a bus trip, join the GoTo car sharing community, download our app and give one of our electric cars a spin. GoTo, Malta’s answer to Airbnb for cars! Make GoTo your go-to for all your transport needs.