How to use your car sharing app to find a free GoTo parking location?

Ever heard of way-finding technology? No? Well, when you open Google Maps and look at the blue dot representing you, a satellite is tracking your motion and your distance relative to your keyed in destination.

Once you hit ‘directions’, the way-finding mechanism kicks in and you get your direction… voila.

So, how does GoTo use GPS way-finding technology to show you where our cars are?

It’s tempting to say that it’s simple, but it’s actually not. What is simple, however, is the interface that we offer for you to be able to find our electric car sharing vehicles. When you want to reserve a GoTo car, all you need to do is open the GoTo map on the app and tap on the pins showing a car icon.

Once you tap on the pin, the interface will show you the address of the spot, whether any spots are available and how many other cars are parked there. Simple, really! After you do that, a ‘Reserve’ button pops up for you to book a car.

Once you reserve a car, you can use navigate to get to your car. The app integrates with many common navigation apps such as Google maps or Apple Maps on iOS.

The app will also show you how much juice the electric vehicle has in it, the mileage on the clock as well as the number plate so you can confirm it’s the one you booked. Once you’re there, simply use your phone to unlock the car, take a quick look to check for scratches and dents, and off you go!

The same principle applies to finding a parking spot at your destination. It is always advisable to check if there are spaces available in the spot you intend to park before you begin your drive. You cannot reserve a parking spot, but it’s not likely that someone will take it till you get to your destination. We have 450 parking locations for 150 cars, so there are 3 spaces for each car.

Go to the map on the app and look for pins at your destination. When you tap on it, you will see the address of that parking location. You can add this address to the in-car navigation system or just tap navigate to the parking and add this address to the navigation on the app.

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, what happens of you get to you parking location and the spot has been taken by another driver?”

If this happens, you can use the app to find the closest available parking spot. Just tap on ‘Navigate to Parking’ and select navigation to the closest free spot. You can also call our customer service on +356 2226 8000 to request assistance if you have any trouble.

GoTo’s car sharing is as cheap as €0.28 per minute. It cuts out all the hassle of trying to find a parking space and it also results in big savings for your pocket. Why pay thousands of euros to buy and maintain a car when you can simply pay as you go while being kinder to the environment and helping to reduce the congestion on Malta’s roads?