Our Safe Driving Scheme gives you Free GoTo Driving Minutes

We all want to be safe when driving and often warn each other to drive safely. However, road safety takes on a different twist when speaking of electric car sharing vehicles.

Our cars are all Renault Zoes, totally electric with super-modern features and interiors. The engine is completely silent. In fact, you also have a button to switch on a fake engine sound if you feel weird about driving without any noise.

Because our cars drive so smoothly and are completely quiet, it becomes really hard to not over-speed. We encourage our drivers to keep within the limits of the law and pay attention to the digital screen that shows you the speed.

The fact that our cars do not belong to you, as well as the fact that you pay for the time you use, may all add to the temptation of going that little bit faster. This is why at GoTo we have a new Safe Driving Scheme.

Here’s how it works…

1. Drive within the speed limit

When using our cars, you are being monitored. Our car logs the user’s time, so we know when you are using the car.

This means that any fines incurred for over-speeding will be debited to your account. As required by law, you also get points on your licence for any offences you commit while using a GoTo car.

So, if you do not have any fines on your account, you will qualify for the Safe Driving scheme.

2. Park in the allocated spaces

If you cannot find a free GoTo space at your destination, it is advisable to call our customer service. Although, ideally this should be avoided and you should find the nearest GoTo space available. On some occasions, drivers park illegally and receive fines.

When you use stop-over, you can park and keep your booking active for up to 2 hours. Make sure you park in a legal spot. Use the clock on the windshield to indicate your arrival time.

If you are a safe driver and adhere to the speed limit and park in allocated GoTo parking spaces, congratulations! You qualify for the GoTo Safe Driving Scheme.

From now on, it will pay you to be a safe driver. Every three months, we will credit 30 free driving minutes to every account that is contravention-free.