Rates and Plans for Car Sharing

Whatever your car sharing needs, be it for daily commuting, a convenient ride every now and then, or a hired car for your holiday, our service will work for you. We’re flexible, and we have a range of rates and plans so you can choose the one that’s right for you. You can also cancel your membership or amend your plan at any time, free of charge.

What Does The GoTo Charge Include?

All-inclusive costs mean no hidden charges.

No matter which option you select, the price shown is what you are expected to pay. Battery charge or fuel, insurance, road licence, CVA Valletta fees and parking are all included.


Refuel and recharge at no charge


No parking fees


No running costs


Insurance and road tax included

Membership Plans

Choose a plan that fits your needs.

Basic Plan

Membership Fee

No fee



Minute rate

Standard Plan

Membership Fee

€7/month, the first two months for free



Minute rate

Savings Plan

Upfront payment


Equivalent to 400 mins for one-way rides or 15.23 hours of roundtrip service. Additional trips are charged at discounted rates.



Minute rate

Pre-Paid Package

Upfront payment


Equivalent to 150 mins for one-way rides or 7 hours of roundtrip service, valid for 14 days. Additional trips are charged at standard rates.



Minute rate

GoTo is a more economic alternative to car ownership. The car sharing rate includes fuel or charge, parking costs, insurance, tax, Valletta CVA fees and maintenance. There’s no hidden cost!

You’re not paying for someone else to drive you around like you do with a taxi - you’re driving, you’re in charge of the route, and you’re saving money.

Not convinced?

We keep things simple. We have a membership fee and a per-minute rate. We may also charge extension fees if you want to keep the vehicle for longer or cancellation charges if applicable.

There are no hidden costs to our service, and we’re keen for you to understand our full pricing system before you go ahead and book a car.

See our standard fees