How to start and drive a Goto car - a step-by-step tutorial

GoTo cars are super environmentally friendly because they are electric. To some people, this is a big plus. However, electric cars in Malta are not that common and, therefore, some of us may have never driven one.

If you have been waiting to try a GoTo car but are not sure about where to start because you have never driven an electric car before, here’s a detailed step-by-step process to help you hop on and go for the next time you need a car sharing car.

1. Get set-up and verified as a car sharing driver

In order to just hop into a GoTo car, you need to register and we need to first verify that you have a valid driving licence. Once you have been verified, you will NOT need to keep providing your paperwork. You just upload a copy of your ID and driving licence to our system once during the registration process. Once you’re verified, you can download the app and begin using the service.

2. Book the car

Open the GoTo app and click on GoTo Map in the menu. Type in your location in the search bar and the location will come up in the menu. Tap on the location and you will see the location of every car on the map. Click on the marker of the car you want and click ‘Reserve’. The car will be reserved for you for 15 minutes. The app will then ask you to navigate to the car or just click ‘I’m near the car’ and open the car right away.

3. You’ve made it into the vehicle, now you need to start the trip

You will see on the dashboard screen that you have four driving mode settings: P (Park), R (Reverse), N (Neutral) and D (Drive). To start the engine, you will need to put the gear lever in position ‘P’. Once this is done, push the break with your foot (this is the wider pedal – the Zoe only has two) and then you press the Start-Stop button. You will see a ‘Ready’ signal on the dashboard screen when this is done. This means you’re good to go!

4. The next step is to drive

Put the car in Drive (D) or Reverse (R) mode and press the gas pedal gently. If you find it hard to gauge an electric car because it has a silent engine, you can switch the ‘fake’ engine sound on using the sound button on the right-hand side under the steering wheel.

If you have difficulty starting or driving the car, you can use the CALL button on your dashboard to contact customer service. All our cars are equipped with a call button, which is your direct hotline to our customer service agents.

Once you’re close to your destination, you can end your trip by clicking the ‘end your trip’ button on the GoTo app and navigate to the closest available parking spot.